Direct-to-Patient services

Connecting your patients, your treatments—all in the comfort of their own home with an end-to-end solution.

Today, accelerating clinical trials to gain speed to market without compromising trial quality is the most critical aspect of success. However, the traditional clinical trial model doesn’t account for the patient’s travel time to the clinical site, patient money needed for parking, or time off from work several times per month. Most patients want to be considered when the study is designed and are reluctant to sign up for trials that aren’t convenient to their location, their schedule, or their lifestyle. As a result, many clinical sites are under enrolling or have a high dropout rate that negatively impacts the study duration and costs, extending timelines and overspending on budgets.

Decentralized clinical trials have been on the rise even before the pandemic of COVID-19. In many cases of ongoing hybrid trials, patients have been receiving medication at home as an emergency solution. The result? They like it, and are now reaching out to the clinical trials sponsors asking for continued supply at their home.

Thermo Fisher Scientific understands that at the center of every clinical trial is a patient awaiting treatment arriving safely and on-time. Patients participating in hybrid or fully virtual trials require services such as a digital patient assistant or medication adherence support in addition to the Direct-to-Patient shipment. Increased communication and supply visibility, clinical ancillary management and coordination with home health services are a few other examples of additional services that require special attention in the study set-up to help patients regain control of their lives. Our end-to-end service and experienced staff to support decentralized clinical trials enable you to focus on furthering your discoveries and easing the burden on patients.

Pharmacy-to-Patient and Depot-to-Patient shipments

Benefit from centralized control and simplified supply chain planning in managing high value or limited supply agents with the Pharmacy-to-Patient and Depot-to-Patient solution. By dispensing Investigation Medicinal Products (IMP’s) and clinical supplies from one stock to study sites or direct-to-patient homes as-needed, full flexibility is provided that reduces waste and minimize the storage space needed at clinical sites.

Clinical Site-to-Patient shipments

It is the new standard for your next clinical trial or as an add-on for your existing study in case the patient is unexpectedly not able to travel to the clinical site. Leverage our full end-to-end service that includes the required shipping materials, temperature monitoring (if applicable) and white glove delivery service to the patient’s home.

Thermo Fisher Scientific can help you with:

Support for you

Setting up a decentralized clinical trial can take anything between a few weeks up to 1.5 years. Leverage our expertise in setting up Direct-to-Patient studies by orchestrating CRO, IRT provider, clinical supply and clinical operations teams that cuts your study start-up times to a few months only.

Download the Direct-to-Patient fact sheet to learn more about end-to-end solutions that connect your treatments directly with your patients.