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As the world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific is helping our customers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. Visit Thermo Fisher Corporate: Serving Science in the Battle against COVID-19 to find information, news, and resources to learn about our products and services that are vital to how we help you understand, diagnose, and protect from COVID-19.

For the latest updates and resources specific to contract development and manufacturing needs of pharma and biotech, see below.


Latest Updates

June 22, 2020

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation in Beijing, China, we would like to confirm that our Clinical Services operations in Beijing and Suzhou are not affected and remain fully operational.

June 11, 2020

COVID-19 Ramp-up Plans Now Available

Click here to read through our full plan and here for the overview presentation.

May 4, 2020

Live Webinar: Life Science Supply-Chain Impacts from Covid-19

May 7, 2020 10:30 am – May 7, 2020 12:30 pm (PDT)

Biocom invites you to join us for a webinar for life science companies, as we discuss COVID-19 and the direct impacts on supply chain. The objective of this webinar is to learn boots on the ground best practices for how life science companies can adapt their current business practices and procedures to mitigate impact on their companies’ ability to continue progress R&D, manufacturing and/or commercializing of life saving drugs and therapies while positioning to succeed on the other side of the crisis. For the first time during this COVID-19 pandemic, two of the largest organizations partnered with the life science industry, Thermo Fisher Scientific and FedEx will be sharing how they are responding to the needs of their customers, providing technology and supporting the diagnostic and therapeutic work being done by life science companies. Following their presentations, we will then move into a discussion featuring supply chain experts from life science industry, followed by an interactive Town Hall formatted Q&A. This webinar is aimed at giving attendees tangible tools and tactics necessary for ensuring their companies can adapt to these new challenges.

April 23, 2020

Please see the latest message from our President of Commercial Operations regarding business continuity and COVID-19 updates.

Statement regarding our approach to lifted restrictions:

Additionally, as local governments begin to lift restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will take a careful and thoughtful approach to adjusting our policies. Our first priority is to continue to ensure the safety of our colleagues and our customers. Please check this website regularly for further updates.

April 14, 2020

We continue to work closely with our couriers to ensure we provide a safe and reliable supply chain for all of our clients despite the unprecedented impact caused by COVID-19. Click here to read our courier/driver safety statement.

March 26, 2020


We are closely assessing the recent government lockdown in India due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) within the country. Our government affairs team was able to secure exemption status this past weekend. This has allowed us to keep our operations open.

Currently, the areas within our full control are running including packaging, labeling and distribution—however movement of supplies are impacted by the government mandates. Our Total Transportation Management model has enabled us to work with cargo freight providers as well as commercial airlines to move medical shipments with priority, and we are actively in discussion with partners to identify all options. Although the decision around airport transport is not within our control, please know we are doing everything we can to express the importance and urgency of this need for patients.

In terms of local distribution to clinical sites, we are limited to ground transportation in Gujarat only. We do have the ability to support clinical site to patient distribution for emergency shipments – though each request must be evaluated prior to confirmation of available service. In the meantime, we will provide updates on this site as we work through these circumstances.

March 23, 2020

Operations in areas where there are local quarantines, “shelter-in-place” orders and other restrictions:

We are working closely with local governments and suppliers to navigate any locally imposed quarantines or restrictions so our sites can remain operational, given the importance of our role is supporting the COVID-19 response and the healthcare system in general.

March 16, 2020

Meetings and Visits to Our Sites

In keeping with our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our employees, Thermo Fisher has made the decision to ban travel via air, rail or sea for all of our employees globally. As a result, we are asking our team to conduct upcoming meetings with our customers virtually, where possible. If you have a face-to-face meeting planned, we will reach out to schedule the meeting virtually.

Additionally, when it comes to visiting our sites, the decision has been made to prohibit all non-essential and non-critical visitors through April 15, 2020, and instead conduct meetings virtually where possible. However, if there is a critical need to visit our sites in person, please talk with our team and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

While we know conducting the work we do together virtually is not optimal, it will enable us to do our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and most importantly, enable us to continue to deliver the highest quality medicines to our customers and the patients they serve.

Upcoming Webinar hosted by Fierce Pharma

We invite you to learn more on how we are increasing our capabilities and capacity to meet growing demand from our customers. In fact, we will invest $800 Million by the end of 2020 to help Biopharma and Pharma customers of all sizes accelerate commercialization and bring medicines to patients faster. We will also cover our strategy to ensure the delivery of medicines to customers and patients in light of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

To register for the webinar, which is scheduled for March 23 at 10am EDT | 7am PDT | 2pm GMT | 3pm CET, please follow this link.

March 12, 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it continues to evolve. As of March 11, the Italian Government  has extended measures in order to contain the country’s coronavirus outbreak. We want to assure you that our Monza and Ferentino sites in Italy are open and we are committed to continuing to support your important work. The restrictions in place pertain to the movement of citizens and the suspension of retail trade activities. There are no restrictions in place for companies.

While you may have heard there is a decrease of inbound flights into the country, our Total Transportation Management (TTM) model allows us to continue to use cargo freight providers as well as commercial airlines to move medical shipments with priority, so shipments won’t be held.

Please continue to check this site for the latest information as the situation continues to evolve.


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