Thermo Fisher Pharma Services: COVID-19 Mobilization

Transforming Medicines with Scale, Flexibility and Expertise

Well before the pandemic, Thermo Fisher committed more than $800M of investments to transform our drug substance, drug product and clinical supply capabilities that deliver on the increasing need for scalability, flexibility and expertise.

These global investments have enabled our clients to respond rapidly in the battle against COVID-19. We are proud to announce that our customers have more than 250 projects leveraging our capabilities in vaccines, antivirals and treatments that typically would have taken years to launch. We are committed to partnering with our clients to solve these challenges and accelerate development and commercialization of COVID-19 treatments, from new projects to rapid scale-up of new COVID-19 indications for existing medicines.

The development and production of vaccines, antivirals and treatments requires a broad range of capabilities and expertise across the supply chain. There are both new modalities and traditional approaches that have shown promising potential to address the pandemic. Our focus has been to create an expanding network of capabilities that gives our customers the rapid scalability, flexibility and deep expertise required to bring molecules to patient.

“Thermo Fisher is proud to support biopharma, academia and government customers to develop and commercialize both therapeutics and vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic battle wages on, we also recognize that we must continue to be vigilant in delivering critical non-covid19 medicines, because a patient’s need for treatments for cancer, genetic diseases and other conditions doesn’t stop during a pandemic.”

Michael Shafer, Senior Vice President and President, Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services

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9 Examples of the 250+ Projects We’re Collaborating on with Our Clients


Biological preparation providing active acquired immunity using a weakened version, a fragment or portion of the virus’s DNA.


Drugs that inhibits the virus’s ability to replicate inside the human body.

  • Ramped-up “compassionate use” production for investigational drug, providing it to patients in Italy in days versus weeks.
  • Compressed a 24-month production process for key antiviral into months.
  • Met a 10-day packaging and shipping deadline for critical COVID-19 antiviral therapy.


Drugs affecting the immune system’s response to an infection by either turning up or down the immune system’s response.

  • Rolled out “site to patient” program to ensure clinical trial patients would still receive investigational drug shipments during pandemic.
  • Shortened time to fill vials of critical COVID-19 treatment from six weeks to days.
  • Accelerated production of a year’s worth of anti-inflammatory treatment in a few months.

Our Customers

  • 78% of 800+ clients are emerging biotechs
  • Top 20 pharma companies
  • Across biopharma, serving 1 million patients per day

Our Work

  • 1000+ molecules developed
  • 109 new products launched over past 10 years
  • 6000+ clinical trial projects supported in 2019

Our Expertise

  • ~3,500 scientists and technicians
  • ~3,000 quality specialists
  • 100+ counties we serve
  • 55+ locations across 5 continents

Our Investments

  • ~$800M investments by end of 2020 to expand both capacity and capabilities from development to commercial
  • Strategically investing around three areas of greatest demand:
    • Biologics development and manufacturing
    • Cell and gene therapy
    • Drug product development and commercial capabilities

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