Is flexible biomanufacturing the solution for my biopharmaceutical company?

Flexible biomanufacturing solutions

More than ever today, biopharmaceutical companies are facing more challenges when developing new large molecule products. There are an increasing number of complex molecules in the biologic pipeline as therapeutic targets narrow to orphan indications and specialized medicines. And with the market growing double the rate of the small molecule market, there are increasing numbers of biologics competing for speed to be first to market for these smaller therapeutic populations.

Advances in bioprocesses and capabilities, along with the focus on smaller, niche populations, has led to a shift in the types of capacity the market demands. These challenges are only compounded by inaccuracies in product forecasting. We have the solution: flexible biomanufacturing. We recognize that pharmaceutical consultants are an invaluable contributor to the long-term success of small biopharmaceutical companies. We will partner with you to offer flexible biomanufacturing solutions that cater to your clients’ needs.

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How can Thermo Fisher Scientific help your biopharmaceutical company?

Our team of experts can help manage these challenges for you and resulting risks. We combine expertise in development and manufacturing with advanced technological capabilities, innovative approaches and business models to overcome development hurdles and speed-to-market.

Perfusion Processing

Perfusion processing

Our expertise in mid-scale perfusion techniques allows for higher yields from low-titer cell lines and the manufacture of recombinant proteins with stability challenges. This results in a higher volume of product at any given reactor size, as well as the manufacture of complex proteins.
Single Use or Flexible Stainless Steel

Single use or flexible stainless steel

Single Use Technology allows for faster, more efficient tech transfers, eliminates cross contamination concerns and simplifies management of your supplier relationship. For processes that require Stainless Steel, our experienced staff achieves a 95% success rate so you can be confident in quality results no matter which method you require.
Integrated Drug Product Services

Integrated drug substance and drug product services

Our ability to take your large molecule project from development through commercial simplifies the supply chain and enhances quality control by eliminating potential hand-off issues. You can see stronger CMC filing and time savings of 14-20 weeks.
Global Network

Global network

Our global footprint offers a variety of benefits from simplified logistics to secondary supplier sources to R&D tax credits. Simply put, our scale works to your scale-up advantage.

Flexible business models

In addition to the traditional capacity approach, Patheon pharma services offers five flexible biologics manufacturing models. These five options are points on a spectrum. Patheon can customize any solution to match your unique program needs.

Dedicated Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Dedicated capacity

Companies that have two or more products with similar bioprocessing requirements, launching within 18 months, need a dedicated facility, or line, so they can modify their manufacturing schedule until they can understand the exact market demand for each product. Within the dedicated facility, a client can determine how much is used for each product and can transfer technology in and out of the line without additional fees.
Fractional Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Fractional ownership

For companies that don’t have the budget (or the volume) for a dedicated facility or manufacturing line, we build a single CMO facility or line for two or three clients, providing flexible capacity for each. This model is less expensive than the dedicated line but still provides flexibility and scalability.
Flexible Network Access Flexible Manufacturing

Flexible network access

For regulatory purposes, global companies often need manufacturing capabilities in both North America and Europe. Or they simply may want on-demand access to capacity without preference for location. Flexible network access assures the client anytime access (within a specified period) to a specific type of capacity within our global network. Clients can adjust the product mix with the assurance they will have the right type of capacity when they need it.
Condo Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Condominium capacity

This is a fully customized solution for a company introducing a new product with unique characteristics (for example, unique product types or platforms) that cannot be manufactured on a conventional manufacturing line. We provide design services, works with equipment suppliers, validates the process, builds the line, and manages operations on behalf of the client. Overhead is shared, and the line can operate as needed to meet demand.
Enterprise Flexible Manufacturing


This is a solution for companies that own facilities in need of operational improvements. Some facilities may need to repurpose existing equipment; some should be closed. Our experts will then manage these facilities to accomplish these goals, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies.

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