Flexible Manufacturing

From uncertain market demand to geographic market spread and unprecedented production processes, every pharmaceutical commercialization strategy has its own unique challenges. While a lot of companies talk about flexible manufacturing, they often deliver inflexible solutions. That’s why Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers truly flexible manufacturing, a variety of customizable manufacturing options, augmented by scalable capacity solutions that allow customers to increase and decrease capacity as necessary. These flexible solutions, along with our uniquely consultative approach, enable each client to find the ideal way to meet their specific challenges.

Flexible Manufacturing Solutions

Here are six of our solutions, each customizable to match individual client needs:

Traditional Flexible Manufacturing


A precisely tailored solution to meet the unique requirements of your product and business. That may mean collaborating with you on the design, construction, management and operation of a fully equipped, state-of-the-art, cGMP manufacturing suite within one of our facilities.
Dedicated Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Dedicated Capacity

Companies that have multiple products in similar formats (vial, capsule or tablet) launching within 18 months need a dedicated facility, or line, so they can modify their manufacturing schedule until they can understand the exact market demand for each product. Within the dedicated capacity model, a customer can determine how much is used for each product, and can transfer technology in and out of the line without additional fees.
Fractional Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Fractional Capacity

For companies that don’t have the budget (or the volume) for a dedicated facility or manufacturing line, we build a single CMO facility or line for two or three clients, providing flexible capacity for each. This model is less expensive than the dedicated line, but still provides flexibility and scalability.
Flexible Network Access Flexible Manufacturing

Flexible Network Access

For regulatory purposes, global companies often need manufacturing capabilities in both North America and Europe. Or, they simply may want on-demand access to capacity without preference for location. This model assures the client anytime access to a specific type of capacity within our global network within a specified period. Clients can adjust the product mix with the assurance they will have the right type of capacity when they need it.
Condo Capacity Flexible Manufacturing

Condominium / Customized Capacity

A fully customized solution for a company introducing a new product with unique characteristics (e.g. complex formulations or delivery systems) that cannot be manufactured on a conventional manufacturing line. We provide design services, works with equipment suppliers, validates the process, builds the line, and manages operations on behalf of the client. Overhead is shared, and the line can operate as needed to meet demand.
Enterprise Flexible Manufacturing


A solution for companies that own facilities in need of operational improvements. Some facilities may need to repurpose existing equipment; some should be closed. We can manage these facilities to accomplish those goals while allowing companies to focus on their core competencies.

With these fully scalable solutions, we can offer truly customized solutions for your most complex supply chain management challenges. It’s time to look beyond the batch price and learn how we can find the perfect flex for you.

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