How to maximize your product’s lifecycle

Building business continuity throughout your product’s lifecycle will enable you drive efficiencies and scale. Make the most of your investment by maximizing your product’s lifespan and reach. Backed by experience with more than 50 successful lifecycle management projects, we can quickly and cost-effectively help you achieve your goals by:

  • Enhancing clinical benefits to improve patient compliance and clinical benefits
  • Leveraging reformulation strategies to unlock new markets and indications
  • Creating synergistic combinations by combining your API with other drugs to simplify patient compliance or address unmet clinical needs

Gaining access to a broad range of dosage forms, formulation methods and specialized technologies to create a successful new product while extending your exclusivity via:

  • Immediate-release: Fast-dispersible, sublingual and buccal tablets
  • Sustained-release: Coated tablets, laser-drilled osmotic tablets, matrix systems
  • Multi-therapy: Bilayer, trilayer and bilayer chewable tablets, capsules
  • Solubility enhancement: Technologies to improve bioavailability
  • Taste masking: Palatable formulation of chewable and fast-dispersible tablets

Download our whitepaper, “Novel Uses for Oral Solid Doses Driving Lifecycle Management Strategies”.