Quick to Clinic™ helps you balance speed, risk, and future needs during early development

Now more than ever, you’re asked to do more in less time. However, fast doesn’t always mean good. We can help you find the balance. Get the best from Thermo Fisher Scientific, even faster. Quick to Clinic is an innovative solution for small and large molecule drug development that accelerates your early development speed while ensuring the critical details aren’t overlooked.

Quick to Clinic for biologics

Go from transfection to IND in as little as 13 months, using a carefully constructed program with tried and tested process platform supported by a high-yield and royalty free expression system, and supply assurance to mitigate raw material sourcing risks. All designed to balance speed and risk, preparing you for long-term commercialization success. Learn more.

Quick to Clinic for small molecules

In as little as 14 weeks from receiving your API, you can have your Phase I product manufactured, labelled, packaged and delivered to the Clinic. That’s up to 1 month faster than most standard timelines. Learn more.

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