How can our extensive experience in biologics commercial manufacturing help accelerate development?

Biologics commercial manufacturing expertise

The biologics experts at Thermo Fisher Scientific will work with you to speed development and unleash the potential of your discovery. With more than 11 years of biologic commercial manufacturing experience, our experts are driven by science and can solve complex large molecule challenges. Our experience with technology transfers is proven and is part of the normal course of business—we have executed more than 180 transfers since 2014.

cGMP biologics manufacturing

As collaborative partners, we work to ensure commercial biologic manufacturing is met with full cGMP conditions and speed, efficiency and exceptional quality, as well as flexibility to adapt to changes in your journey. We are continuously making investments in capacity, infrastructure and state of the art technology, to earn your business year after year with dedicated work and innovation, based on our:

Integrated network of development and manufacturing facilities

Our world-class, state of the art facilities in Europe, North America and Australia offer the flexibility to adapt to changes in your journey and your product development strategy. Our experienced award-winning tech transfer team will move your project to a cGMP facility for process validation and commercial production of your biologic drug substance. Our facilities offer a full range of options, including:

Our integrated network of technical, quality, and customer engagement teams are ready to support your drug development journey. The Pharma Services network has 55+ sites across five continents and employs approximately 3,500 scientists, technicians, and engineers with deep technical expertise all working together to ensure the success of your molecule. We currently offer manufacturing locations in the United States, Europe, and Australia, which provides you with simplified logistics and R&D tax advantages. We offer a broad range of solutions that include:

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