Fast, Flexible Cell Line Development Services

Comprehensive upstream process development capabilities, including cell line development, and a commitment to innovation, quality and service, make us the ideal partner for the process development of your mammalian cell culture projects. Our expertise spans multiple commercial cell lines, including CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary), as well as cGMP cell banking.

Cell Line Development

Cell line development plays a major role in developing robust, cost-effective biologic processes. Drug developers need rapid availability of high-performing mammalian cell lines for therapeutic protein production, and flexibility. With more than 30 years of process development experience, including more than 240 biologic development programs, we know how to transform your discovery into a drug substance. Establishing a sustainable process begins with cell line development that is built on speed, flexibility, and performance.

Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, provides:

Flexible solutions are custom built from comprehensive technical capabilities in fed-batch and perfusion processes. Thermo Fisher Scientific also works with high-density mammalian cell culture technologies including our proprietary XD™ technology. Read about the Thermo Fisher Gibco™ Freedom™ CHO-S™ cell line.

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