Global Transportation Services

We provide multi-modal, global transportation solutions that preserve and protect your shipments. Our global network of quality-approved providers offers outstanding flexibility, ensuring that we are always able to meet your needs.

Solving Your Supply Chain Logistics Challenges

The Patheon logistics team at Thermo Fisher Scientific has over 30 years of experience handling both domestic and international shipments, involving all modes of transport, and with a strategic focus on the Life Science industry. Our global transportation coordinators are cross-trained in all the latest requirements for pharmaceutical import/export shipping.

We provide specialty logistics solutions to effectively leverage air, ocean and surface transportation resources. Our global transportation services include commercial cargo, integrators and parcel carriers, to support every possible shipping situation in the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, we provide 24-hour emergency response to deliver critical medical supplies to where they are needed most.

Our GDP-compliant services span the entire product development life cycle, from bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients and clinical trials materials, to product commercialization samples and finished goods. We manage temperature-controlled shipments in multiple ways, from ambient and controlled room temperature (CRT) to refrigerated (2°C to 8°C), frozen (-20°C), dry ice (-80°C) and ultracold liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling. We also handle transportation of all categories of hazardous materials, including radioactive substances in limited quantities.

Flexible modes and service levels include:

Industry certifications:

Logistics Solutions for High Value/High Risk Shipments

We have a proven track record of providing high-touch transportation of time and security-sensitive shipments. Our clients turn to us because we consistently perform at the highest standards, providing a broad range of services to meet their unique needs.

We provide a consultative solution design focused on defining client and situation-specific solutions, driving cost savings and reducing time-in-transit. We provide a cost-effective service through the flexibility of our offerings and by leveraging corporate resources and carrier/supplier agreements.

We work directly with many of the leading manufacturers in temperature-controlled packaging to design a best fit solution. We use shipper and cooling technology from multiple industry-leading manufacturers. If specialized packaging is required due to size, duration, destination, or other factors, we will work directly with our vendors to design unique storage or transport shippers to fit these needs as well.

Because we are Life Science focused, we ensure GxP compliance by adhering to global standard operating procedures (SOPs) and by maintaining essential industry certifications. We adhere to impeccable quality standards, and provide service levels that exceed client expectations.

Preferred Carrier Management: Truckload Services Meeting Life Science Standards

We understand that pharmaceutical product shipments must be managed with the utmost care and security to ensure product integrity and a complete chain of custody. This focus on quality and compliance begins with our team of logistics professionals who undergo full background checks and a Security Threat Assessment (administered by the TSA). We extend this mandate to our Preferred Carrier network, which is subject to a rigorous qualification program overseen and approved by our Quality and Regulatory Compliance team.

Our Life Science shipments are restricted to this Preferred Carrier network, which is uniquely specialized, with temperature controlled and validated trailers (including dedicated full truckload or FTL). Our extensive truckload carrier base supports all modes of transportation, and our team drives consolidation efforts to reduce unit shipping costs. Depending on client needs, we can offer solutions where bulk shipments are moved to a centralized location, within a specific geographic area, and use a hub and spoke distribution model to deliver the goods to their final location.

As a non-asset based business, we can easily expand capacity as and when required. We are structured both internally and externally to handle capacity surges or increases in volume, by maintaining a flexible infrastructure that can expand and contract depending upon individual clients’ evolving business needs.

We offer:

Precision Logistics to Support Emerging and Advanced Therapies

We provide logistics support for the movement of Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP), delivering clinical trial material to its destination at the right time and in the right condition. We provide proactive, personal support to monitor your shipment, helping to eliminate risk from your supply chain and its potential impact to clinical trials.

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