Introducing an Expanded Packaging Service for Specialty Products

8月 27, 2020 By Brian Kunz, Lloyd Norris, Shawn Regits (2 minute read)

Developing a specialty drug for a complex or rare disease is an achievement worthy of celebration. Many manufacturers must then contend with another challenge, however—that of ensuring that an uninterrupted supply of their small-volume treatment reaches patients once the drug enters the market.

Recently, several of our clinical packaging clients asked us to help them take the next step of bringing their small products to the commercial market. We appreciate their confidence in us and we listened.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our commercial packaging service to include Small-Volume capabilities. This expanded service leverages our expertise in clinical and large-scale packaging to provide an end-to-end packaging solution for companies with specialty products.

Small-Volume Commercial Packaging enables specialty drug makers to smoothly transition from clinical to commercial packaging. If your company markets or is planning to market specialty drugs, here’s what you’ll want to know about this service:

To learn more about Small-Volume Commercial Packaging, please read our eBook, “SMOOTH TRANSITION: What Specialty Drug manufacturers Should Know About Bridging the Gap from Clinical-to-Commercial Packaging“. The e-Book discusses the challenges associated with packaging specialty products and the benefits of a packaging service designed especially for them. Finally, it contains recommendations about choosing a supply partner for this service.

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Brian Kunz

Brian Kunz

Director, Commercial Packaging, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lloyd Norris

Lloyd Norris

Secondary Packaging Manager, Horsham UK, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Shawn Regits

Shawn Regits

Manager Process Engineering, Allentown PA, Thermo Fisher Scientific