Vectoring In — Viral Vector Video Series

When you are poised to ramp up late stage manufacturing to go commercial, you’ll need to be able to count on your CDMO for a great deal more than capacity. You may be wondering what should you know in order to get ready for late-phase approval and commercialization.

In this Vectoring In video series, our experts will talk you through key questions you and your CDMO need to be able to answer so you can be confident you’ll be ready for late phase approval and commercialization.

Part 1: Avoiding CMC Delays in Cell & Gene Therapies

In this video, Steve Falcone (VP of Quality for Viral Vector Services) discusses the importance of the development part of a CDMO provider and how it can help with your project.

Interested in learning more? Access videos 2-4 in this series, featuring the following topics: