Viral vector process development, characterization, and validation

As your viral vector CDMO partner, we have the experience, expertise, and capabilities to guide your program from development, into clinical trials and through commercialization. Our Viral Vector Services (VVS) team has developed more than 60 different viral vectors and supported 10 manufacturing platforms to support brining therapies to market.

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Viral vector process development and optimization

With over 60 products manufactured, we offer extensive experience transferring in, establishing, and optimizing viral vector processes. Development of cell culture processes to support:

  • Processes to support suspension and adherent cell culture development including: Suspension: 50L to 2000L single-use bioreactors
  • Adherent: Flatstock and iCELLis® platforms

Purification capabilities include:

  • Platform purification processes offered for all vector types
  • Single-use / non-product contact equipment
  • Depth, TFF and other filtration methods for harvest and concentration
  • Broad range of chromatography solutions: Affinity, SEC, IEX, and HIC
  • Viral inactivation and clearance studies
  • Optimization as needed for:
    • Increasing yield / recovery
    • Full capsid separation
    • Specific purity requirements

Available services include:

  • Customized transfection and infection parameters as necessary
  • Multiple 2L and iCELLis® NANO bioreactors for bioreactor development and optimization
  • Multiple 50L and 200L bioreactors for scale up and pre-clinical material production
  • ambr® 15 for DoE studies and rapid development
  • Custom media optimization, production, sourcing, and testing
  • Manifolding for plate-based development
  • Partitioning studies

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Viral vector commercial process characterization and validation

We apply our deep process characterization experience and DoE methodology to define the CPPs and CQAs that enable robust processes, optimal yields, and effective control strategies.

Our approach and available services include:

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