Is it Time to Start Thinking about Packaging?

8月 13, 2020 By Chris Howell, Brian Kunz (2 minute read)

If this headline caught your eye, it may be because you’ve received promising pre-clinical results (Congratulations!) and you’re starting to think about planning your next steps.

Packaging is a key element in a successful product development plan. So regardless of whether you have product development experience or this will be your debut launch, you’ll be dealing with many of the same questions and decisions.

To learn more, view our on-demand webinar, “Your Clinical Results Look Promising, but are You Ready for Launch? How to Build a Robust Packaging Strategy for Rapid Commercialization“.

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Chris Howell

Chris Howell

Director, Packaging Engineering, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Brian Kunz

Brian Kunz

Director, Commercial Packaging, Thermo Fisher Scientific