How a Family’s Perseverance Helped Them Reach a Seemingly Unattainable Goal


As members of the United States Air Force, Lauryn and Chris were as healthy and fit as a young couple could be. But in the world of genetics, all it takes is a couple of proteins lining up in the wrong way, and things can change in a hurry. They found that out when two of their three children tested positive for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Lauryn and Chris were both carriers of mutations that, when combined, caused the disease. So an active life was replaced with one of endless treatments, trips to the doctor and fear of catching even the slightest cold. Plus the knowledge that life expectancy for patients with CF was typically about 31. Something no parent wants to hear. They learned of a “wonder drug” helping CF patients—one that actually treated the underlying causes of the disease, not just the symptoms. Best of all, it was manufactured in their backyard in Reading, Ohio. After about 6 months of taking the medicine, their doctor said something they hadn’t heard before: “Your daughter looks healthy.” And best of all, life expectancy for patients who respond to this therapy is now into the 60s and beyond. So these two veterans can now look forward to all the dreams that parents have for their kids, including a long life and children of their own some day.