Particle size reduction: Overcoming formulation challenges at all stages

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we offer particle size reduction solutions for all stages of API development and commercial manufacture. Micronization can provide the uniform particle characteristics that are fundamental when manufacturing a formulation-enabling API. Carefully defined particle size distribution can help improve flow properties, which are essential in drug product process development and can improve solubility to increase your product’s bioavailability.

Within our site in Florence, SC, we possess a range of milling capabilities from laboratory to production scale to support your size reduction needs. We can achieve a wide range of particle sizes from simple deagglomeration through coarse grinding to micronization via a range of capabilities including:

Within our site in Cork, Ireland, we can also support from a European base with:

Our in-line particle size monitoring allows:

Successfully managing particle size distribution requires extensive expertise and experience. Work with our scientists—plus a range of technology choices—to address your product’s individual needs. We can help you optimize the performance of your product.

Learn more about the importance of particle size in our whitepaper, “How Can You Avoid the Fallout From Incompatibility Between Your API and Its Formulation?”