Source top quality starting materials, intermediates, & API

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s global procurement organization is capable of sourcing the highest quality, cost competitive API (active pharmaceutical ingredients), intermediates, and starting materials to meet our clients’ drug substance and drug product formulation needs. By utilizing our sourcing services, clients can leverage our robust QA and EHS expertise. This starts with a global sourcing strategy based on the customer’s business requirements, such as the number of API sources, API intellectual property considerations, anticipated drug product volume, therapeutic mode of delivery, stock keeping units and end markets. Once the sourcing strategy is aligned with customers, the sourcing business process begins.

A global supply network for raw materials, intermediates, and API

Our team currently manages a global supply network of raw material, intermediate, and API manufacturers. Our QA and EHS teams maintain the compliance status of each manufacturer, and this work can be leveraged by our client base. QA, EHS, Financial Solvency, and Supply Chain Risk Mapping due diligence activities are conducted early in the development cycle to proactively identify and mitigate business risks prior to making significant time and financial commitments.

During formulation development, we work closely with our scientists and third-party suppliers to ensure that the raw materials sourced will meet stringent physical and chemical property requirements. Identifying these needs during the development phase streamlines the overall development timeline, which reduces development costs and ultimately shortens the time to market. In addition, our Procurement and Quality personnel are able to negotiate and execute Vendor Supply and Quality Agreements, further strengthening the raw material supply chain.


During the commercial phase, our drug product sites communicate raw material requirements and coordinate deliveries directly with suppliers—avoiding the challenges of a fragmented distribution model. This improves visibility of incoming raw material supply, which in turn helps avoid production downtime and reduces material costs by purchasing via a direct model. This represents a true win-win for Patheon pharma services and our clients. Overall, our sourcing service generates around 50-60% of simplicity and productivity from development to commercial launch, and throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Utilizing Thermo Fisher Scientific’s global scale and capabilities will enable our clients to shorten their product development lifecycle by around 20-30% and at the commercialization stage, to take comfort in knowing their supply chain is secure from molecule to medicine.

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