ProSyriesSM Pre-Filled Syringe Assembly & Labeling

When precision means safety, you can rest assured that your patients will receive the exact dose that they need every time. Our innovative and precision controlled syringe assembly & labeling processes ensures your patients receive the exact dose intended.

We offer a fully automated, continuous process from syringe assembly to label application to electronic verification of label text. The combination of global quality processes, systems and line equipment positioned at all major facilities ensures consistency and eliminates variability. To mitigate any potential for IMP wastage or syringe rejection, our operational capabilities were designed to meet any degree of precision standards that you set for stopper movement.

In addition to electronic verification of all printed text, when utilizing Global Label Services, OCR-OCV controls and built-in quality processes ensure 100% inspection of variable and fixed test for accuracy and legibility.

Cold & Ambient Product Lines

Our automated lines are available in both ambient and cold environments, thereby mitigating any Time-Out-of-Environment concerns. Our cold room syringe assembly capabilities include the ability to modify the room temperature within a dedicated cold facility, enabling you to audit only one line for both biologics and other ambient syringe assembly requirements (like water for injection).

ProSyries Syringe Tray

If you’re shipping your prefilled syringes using air transportation, than the impact of air pressure on stopper movement may be of concern. As air pressure changes, the small air bubble in the pre-filled syringe will slightly expand and compress, moving the syringe stopper. Depending on the size of the air bubble, this movement can be critical and could potentially impact your product sterility.

To alleviate these concerns, our experts developed and patented the ProSyries Syringe Tray. It’s been specifically designed to prevent stopper/plunger movement during air transit.

The ProSyries trays match the configuration of your syringe and fill level. The plunger and stopper are securely held in position and will not move due to in-transit air differentials.

ProSyries High Precision Syringe Labeling

For those pre-filled syringes that require dosing graduation, we provide ProSyries High Precision Labeling capabilities. These high precision labels are placed on the pre-filled syringe with +/-0.5MM accuracy. Currently available for 1ml glass syringes, other sizes can be accommodated upon request. The dosing label is available for any fill level. Label placement is adjusted based on the barrel length and liquid fill volume.

Our global team of engineers worked diligently to provide this first-in-industry capability that is now available to all sponsors that require varying level of precision dosing graduation on labels.

Download the case study, “High Precision Syringe Labeling”.