Cold Chain Shipping Solutions for Clinical Trials

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive suite of passive and active shipping systems. Whether the requirement is single use, high performance reusable systems, small parcel, bulk single or multi-pallet shipments, we have an extensive range of qualified solutions to meet customer needs.

Shipping systems are qualified to our global profiles which represent >95% of all shipping lanes for both winter and summer conditions. Where unique shipping challenges occur, additional qualification is performed to ensure temperature requirements of the IMP are maintained from site to patient.

Shipper Return & Reuse Program

We currently offer a shipper return and reuse program for shipments within Europe, USA or China with strategic plans to expand this program over time. This means you can benefit from high performance, lightweight systems at a significantly lower cost per use. There are the additional benefits of waste reduction due to less storage space requirements at the clinical site and less waste sent to land fill or for destruction.

Our Shipping Solution Benefits

Thermo Fisher Scientific shipping solutions provide:

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