Distribution & logistics

For over 30 years, we’ve supported the clinical trial supply, distribution & logistics requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors worldwide.

With exposure to multi-national trials and thousands of protocols every year, Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed the industry’s best practices in clinical supply chain management.

We have the industry’s largest network of fully owned cGMP facilities strategically located around the world to support the conduct of clinical trials. Our 27 purpose-built GMP/GDP compliant facilities, supported by over 38 partner depots—located across five continents—provide the global presence, information systems and quality standards to provide clients the flexibility, access and assurance needed for their clinical trial.

Our highly-trained professionals bring a depth of expertise in managing clinical trials, from protocol design to site receipt of clinical materials. This global expertise combined with an understanding of local requirements and regulations, language proficiency and established working relationships with key logistics parties across the supply chain, allow us to support the regulatory-compliant movement, management and delivery of supplies to over 150 countries across all therapeutic indications.

Our logistics experts handle the storage and distribution of labeled or packaged ambient and cold chain clinical trial materials, investigational medicinal products, comparator medicinal products and placebos, import/export services (including Importer of Record capability in more than 24 countries to date), returns and destruction of supplies across our network.

Our continued investment in cold chain management has established best practices in the handling, storage, tracking & distribution of cold chain supplies, providing assurance that biologics are kept within specified temperature parameters throughout the supply chain. Our teams will work with you to develop a clinical supply chain solution specific to the unique needs of your program or trial.

Learn how data-driven decisions drive efficiencies across the clinical trial supply chain.