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Every investigational study needs labels. Every product. Every comparator. Every visit box. Every shipping box. And unlike any other medicinal product, every clinical label design is unique to every patient.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading supplier of clinical labeling design, production and management services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our Clinical Label Services team supplements a dedicated clinical supply chain service provider and leverages purpose-built, integrated facilities, a global presence and the information systems and flexibility to allow unparalleled visibility and control while offering time-saving, seamless transition opportunities throughout your clinical supply chain.

Our advanced inspection software, full in-house print capabilities, translation and regulatory approval management process, centralized web-based document management/routing platform, are specifically designed to reduce the overall label cycle times.

We recognize the challenges our customers face. With the pressure to accelerate drug development, clinical trials are on the rise. Escalating costs, growing competition, and regulatory controls require clinical supply chain optimization and a proactive approach to deliver clinical trials on time.

Access Dedicated Experts Focused Solely on Clinical Trials

Unlike other clinical label providers, label design, translation and support are provided by an extensive team of dedicated consultative project management experts focused solely on clinical trials. Clinical trial label production requires a higher level of oversight and management than a commercial labeling operation in order to protect the integrity of blind, as well as meet stringent regulatory controls.

By combining our clinical trial project management expertise and expansive global reach we are able to provide a clinical labeling model that integrates regulatory, packaging and clinical logistics capabilities to deliver improved timelines and more accurate allocation of clinical trial materials. Backed by years of pharmaceutical and printing industry experience, no company better understands your need for error-free clinical labels delivered on time, every time.

Thermo Fisher Scientific leads the industry in:

All Your Clinical Label Needs, Integrated into One Solution

It’s a level of security and confidence that comes only from delivering more clinical trial labels in one month than others do in a year. Even when your resources are limited, our Clinical Label Services team is expertly suited to integrate all your clinical labels needs.

This is why, year after year, world-leading pharmaceutical companies, clinical packagers and CRO’s rely on Thermo Fisher Scientific for a wide range of outsourced products and services. Our reputation for consistent quality, product accuracy and fast turnaround is simply unsurpassed in the industry.

Clinical Label Services Capabilities

Why using a proven solution to the problem of label creation is the use of an approved phrase library